Once upon a time…

  • Director: Bec Watson
  • Musical Director: Hayden Taylor
  • Arrangements: Clinton Zerf and Hayden Taylor

Once Upon A Time was brought to Upper Hutt Musical Theatres stage on April 21st and it was a hit!


Once upon a Time is a compilation show created by Bec Watson of Disney's most well known songs. Featuring songs from the movie and/or musical:
- Beauty and the Beast
- The Lion King
- The Little Mermaid
- Pocahontas
- Tarzan
- Tangled
- Aladdin
and many more!

The use of medleys, duets, solos, and beautifully arranged harmonies will take the audience on a magical journey through Disney's greatest hits.

This show was for all ages and audiences thoroughly enjoyed watching Disney's songs come to life.

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