I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!

  • Directors: Jennifer Mahoney and Bridget Connor
  • Pianist: EM Liao

UPDATE as of November 2019

Well, that’s a wrap!

“I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!” has finished its season and what a ride it was. There were ups and downs like any show has, but the humour in this show meant that we had more ups! We had a lot of fun bringing this show together for you all. Thank you to all of you that came and enjoyed the show with us, it was great to have you there providing the laughter and applause.

And a special thanks to all those involved in bringing this show to Up-Stage, particularly to the families who allowed their wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, parents and friends to spend so much time away from their homes.


The longest running off-Broadway revue in history has been revised for the 21st century! This celebration of the mating game takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum known as ‘the relationship.’ Act I explores the journey from dating and waiting to love and marriage, while Act II reveals the agonies and triumphs of in-laws and newborns, trips in the family car and pick-up techniques of the geriatric set. This hilarious revue pays tribute to those who have loved and lost, to those who have fallen on their face at the portal of romance, to those who have dared to ask, ‘Say, what are you doing Saturday night?’ The 2018 version features two new songs, revised lyrics and dialogue throughout the show to reflect dating in modern times.

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